All You Need To Know About 5-Hydroxytryptophan

There are some people talking in the supplement world about 5-Hydroxytryptophan being quite a miracle ingredient. This is a component that stems from the twenty amino acids that occur naturally within the human body and work to create protein. Within the human body, this will convert over to serotonin, which is a friendly hormone that works to lift mood, reduce appetite an even improve sleep.

Some doctors believe that 5-Hydroxytryptophan has the ability to get through the blood/brain barrier, meaning that when it is released through the blood stream it will actually go to the brain for decarboxylating so that it is able to fully convert into serotonin. Seeing how it is converted through the hub of the body, being the brain, 5-Hydroxytryptophan is looked upon as being rather effective.

Quite a few of the over the counter 5-Hydroxytryptophan supplements that are available across the globe today will use a natural form of 5-HTP that is taken from the seeds of a shrub called the Griffonia Simplicifolia that is found in North Africa. Years ago, the tribesman of Africa would use this to help with treating the bladder, headaches, wounds, diarrhea, and even kidney ailments. Since the isolation of 5-Hydroxytryptophan is from the seeds, this is a plant has gained quite a bit of notoriety worldwide and is commonly used in serotonin supplements as well as those that treat insomnia, obesity and anxiety.

What About 5-Hydroxytryptophan vs. Tryptophan In Supplements?

It is quite common that people who are looking to buy serotonin supplements to help them with weight loss will often become confused as to which one is going to give better results; 5-Hydroxytryptophan or Tryptophan. You should know that the answer is most definitely 5-HTP as it has a better ability of passing through the blood/brain barrier when compared to Tryptophan. There are studies showing that there is some controversy when it comes to the actual capability of turning Tryptophan into 5-HTP as it will more or less depend on the how much Protein Kinase A enzyme is found along with two genes known as TPH I and TPH II that become coded with chromosome 11 and 12.

Each person has their own unique genetic makeup and people who have a higher quality in terms of genes will be more apt to reap the benefits of Tryptophan. Others might not have the ability to convert quite enough to bring forth a noticeable change. Instead of assuming that enzymes and genetic makeup will be enough, you may get much better results simply by going with serotonin supplements such as 5-Hydroxytryptophan.

When it comes to dosing, you might want to try using smaller dose in the beginning. While this is a natural, safe supplement, it is still a neurological style supplement so you will want to cycle it out over an 18 week timeframe, using anywhere between 300 to 425 mg for the average adult.



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