Best 5-HTP Review Must Read!

If the human body needs something that it naturally produces, but more of it, you will get it from a supplement!  In the human body, thousands of chemicals are working in functioning simultaneously; however, some of them are needed in much greater abundance than are actually produced. One of these is 5HTPRead this 5-HTP Review to learn why you need this supplement.

What is 5HTP

5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is actually produced in the body and is a compound that has many uses. It is a precursor to a neurotransmitter that is well known as serotonin. As most of us know, serotonin has a lot to do with changing or maintaining your mood, helping you to learn, helping you to sleep but also the construction of our blood vessels. Some experts have said that serotonin, which is produced by 5HTP, has a lot to do with your appetite and also anxiety.
How Does It Work?
When you look at supplements that have 5HTP, they are released into the bloodstream once they are digested. The reason that 5HTP is so unique is because it can cross the blood brain barrier. After it reaches the brain, it does what is called de-carbolyzation. This is a process that causes it to release CO2 which then allows it to become serotonin. As you have more 5HTP, more serotonin is produced, and that will help you create the desired effect.

How to use 5HTP

5HTP is actually not a pharmaceutical compound. It’s organic, all natural, and is found in the human body. It is extracted from an African shrub called Griffonia Simplicifolia. Here are the uses:

Depression — this supplement helps with depression, almost like an SSRI drug.

Weight-loss — when you have higher serotonin levels, 5HTP can help suppress your appetite.

Insomnia — If you take it about 30 minutes before you go to bed, it can lead to producing more melatonin.  Melatonin helps you feel calmer and will help you go to sleep and stay asleep longer.

Migraines — it also is a nerve depressant so it can help you relax and help release the stress in your brain to get rid of migraines.

5HTP  clinical studies have shown that it’s very effective in helping people lose weight. It has been confirmed that it does so very well. For example; there was a study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorder in 1998 which showed the supplement was able to help 20 people that were overweight, some of which had diabetes type 2.

Some were given 5HTP and others a placebo. They study showed that those who took 5HTP had them decrease the amount of calories a.k.a. the amount of food that they ate and therefore they lost weight.

Proper dosage of 5HTP

The dosage that you take can varies between 50 and 500 mg every single day. Please start with a low dosage and slowly work it up to a higher level. HTP5 is a neurological supplement that should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist if you really want to use it to lose weight.

Side Effects

Most people have reported that there are no or little side effects. HTP5 is able to enhance serotonin like antidepressants do. If you are taking SSRIs right now, you should talk to a doctor before taking this.


In conclusion, there are clinical studies that show that 5HTP is very safe to use when treating conditions that we have just mentioned. Since it is all natural, you can also take it if it is in supplement form. There are some minor side effects associated with using this supplement depending upon the person, but you should not have to worry too much about taking this weight-loss solution that has helped so many people.  If you want to lose weight, feel better mentally, and sleep better, try this amazing supplement for at least 60 – 90 days.

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